Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Information About Medical Council of India

Looking for MBBS in Abroad, Worried for MCI Approved Colleges? Below is a short answer about MCI

Any student intending to join MBBS course in any foreign institution will have to approach MCI for issue of the Eligibility Certificate. On completion of  MBBS course, the candidate has to appear for the Screening Test conducted by the NBE ( National Board of Examinations ) in New Delhi, and on passing the same will be awarded with the provisional registration certificate by the MCI. Students will then be required to undergo one-year internship in approved medical hospitals in India. Which normally Companies/Agents don't mention. After which registration number will be granted to them for practice as a doctor in Inda.

Earlier to 2002, Schedule III of the MCI Act, 1956 consisted of 29 Medical Institutions of the erstwhile USSR whose degree were recognised by the MCI and students preferred to go those universities. With the amendment of the MCI Act in Parliament on September 3, 2001, provision was made to recognize the medical degree obtained from the medical institutions all over the world.

The MCI decided to award recognition to the Primary Medical Qualification obtained abroad, if the name of the degree and the institution awarding the same are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the WHO.

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